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Punjabi Live Podcast – First Time in Punjab

admin July 15, 2020 0

Launching our new platform as Punjabi Live Podcast on Punjabi Star Live is a matter of utmost pride for us. We are the first one to launch such a platform for Punjabi Celebrities.

What is Punjabi Podcast?

A platform for casual talk, movie promotion where the audience can see and hear you.

A party table set with your favorite celebrity and five anchors to conduct the podcast session, the content will share on various channels 

  • Social media pages
  • Youtube 
  • Punjbai Podcast Channel
  • FM channels
  • 2  National TV Channels

How PodCast Platform benefits you?

Podcast platform by punjabi star live is an ultimate platform to promote your music, movies and other content on digital platforms. We are providing various services like digital marketing services, promotional events, social media handling etc. 

Lot of Indians and people from abroad are engaged with the PSL platform, where  you can share your success story and they will listen to you , get engaged with you. Stay tuned with us , to get entertained by podcasts in the most electrifying way.

It is a great platform for emerging artists from all over the world.

Stage is set for you, all we need is fire inside you.

Why Punjabi PodCast?

2019 was a significant year for podcasting. 2020 will be even more important, despite the economic situation. Podcasting trends shaping the landscape are an effect of a vast ecosystem of creators, listeners, service providers, and advertisers working together to grow & develop the podcasting market. 

Over a decade of strong, uninterrupted growth allowed for podcasts to develop into the widely popular and influential medium. Audiences trust podcasters a lot and brands are slowly starting to invest large sums in podcast advertising.