Film and Music Producation and Promotion Services

Punjabi Starlive Productions is an event management and entertainment provider especially promoting Punjabi movies and songs. Our entertainment house is diligently working as a production and music channel. We are i hunt of the fresh talent. We always go out of the way in promoting fresh faces by introducing them by launching their private albums, songs and so on.
Right from the portfolio building, introducing Punjabi talent at the international level is our field of expertise. At the same time, we have built solid industrial tie-ups with the production houses, film distributors and other entertainment channels. We are providing a platform for them to launch new ventures. From production to distribution and marketing, we provide a full suite of services and take responsibility to make the movies, songs and private albums to hit the blockbuster.
Over a period of time, PSL has attained an ace level position not only in the Punjabi industry but in Hollywood and Hollywood too. We strive hard to change the face of the Punjabi industry and take it to new heights. Punjabi Star Live is committed to the highest quality production of films, music videos, web series and short movies and film details about the contribution. PSL envisions pioneering, innovative productions that aim to entertain their audiences.
We provide 100% confidentiality and transparency in launching a new venture. All the copyrights of the video, songs, private albums and films are reserved and distributed through proper channels. To know more details on the launching a new video, film or song, approach us!

Record Label:  Punjabi Starlive Productions offers Record Labels engage in a wide range of functions in the Music industry including new Artist recruitment and Development, Music Publishing, Trademarks, Coordinates the Production, Manufacture, Distribution, Marketing, Promotion and enforcement of copyright for Sound Recordings and Music video.

Audio: We help in creating master audio tracks and publishing them with copyrights.

Video: We help in creating edited video records with excellent concept and publishing them with copyrights.

Release and Marketing: We help in labeling the tracks and releasing them worldwide with specific channel releases like PTC, 9XTashan etc.

Online Promotion: We help in managing the social media coverage and release on online platform like YouTube etc.


For our services and celebrity booking call us in India at +91 87250 77764 | USA +1 908 368 7541 | Canada +1 908 368 7541 or You can book online. You can also contact us through online chat and whatsapp or drop a mail us at