Digital Marketing Services for Movie,Music, Singer and Actor

Why Digital Marketing is Crucial?

The world is going digital. Digital media marketing has surpassed all the other ways of approaching the masses. Social media has become a huge part of our everyday lives in these past few years, especially with celebrities/public figures. Twitter and Facebook are those platforms, which give great opportunity, to fans as well as celebrities/Public figures, to interact with each other and update them with their latest news, concerts, tour dates, and general thoughts. 

PSL is a platform where we are providing complete digital marketing services to entertainment companies, film promotions, events promotion at the national and international levels.

Let Punjabi Star Media strategize your Digital Marketing Platforms

Nowadays, most of the celebrities/ Public figures rapidly gain followers and fans on various social media platforms as their fans want to stay updated on their lives, which means those celebs have plenty of opportunities to market to a captivated audience. Sometimes, this is done so well, that fans don’t even realize it’s part of an advertising campaign!

PSL guarantees a strategize approach with digital marketing campaigns that are designed as per the individual celebrity project and as per the client’s requirement. Our digital marketing team is involved in creating innovative and creative ideas for launching new entertainment ventures.

Our strategy is based on the response which we get from the clients and other entertainment sources. We follow the trend and go by reaching our target audience with killing and echoing approaches.

Approach to us for getting a quote on our digital marketing services specially designed for the entertainment industry. We promote individual stars and entertainment houses. Building a glorified brand is our love and promise to stars and production houses. 

Our approach

  • Identifying the target audience.
  • Fix the goals and objectives.
  • Develop a customized strategy
  • Prepare content, graphics, and videos.
  • Execute the plan in coordination with artist’s brand manager.
  • Key performance reporting.

PSL Digital Marketing Services for Celebrities

Podcast Promotion

Till date, many think podcasts are for audio-only, but PSL is offering much more than just audio. With podcast promotion, any artist can get the live stream on our channel where viewers can see your online and get engage with you during that session. This, in turn, allows you to convey your personality in a much stronger way than is possible through any other medium. 

Social Media Promotion of Artist/Celebrity

Social Media Management and promotion means managing your all social media profile like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc in an integrated manner and create a viral marketing plan.

It includes continuous updates about your brand, face value, and more important is interaction with your fans.

PSL strives to ensure that through social media marketing we can decrease the gap between artists and their fans. Therefore at PSL, we aim at creating awareness about the artist’s content, initiate and encourage consumer interactions, and also look after reputation management.

Video/Music/Song/Web series Promotion

Get global music promotion & virality in the blink of an eye. Social media has become a new form of entertainment. PSL offer effective and quality music promotion services in India and abroad, helping you gain more fans and subscribers.

Benefits of promoting Entertainment sector on social media:

  • Better fan Engagement
  • Deeper Market Segmentation
  • Demographics Retargeting

As one of the most used and highest-rated provider of music promotion services in India and foreign countries. We can also help you with your music campaigns. We can work with different producers, labels, music brands, and musicians.

Event Branding and Promotion

The great thing about social media is that the size of your event doesn’t dictate the level of success you can achieve by incorporating it through social media marketing. Nowadays, people rather than using traditional ways to promote their event, use a smart way of promoting it through social media. Gathering, a bulk of quality people from social media platforms to your event makes it more successful. Social media marketing not only gives every minute detail of the event but also gives their audience a chance to book it and make a fair group of audience for it. 

  • Pre-event marketing
  • Promotion during the event
  • Post-event marketing 

Fan Moment (Meet and Greet Your Favourite Celebrity)

We know how much fans love their celebrities, therefore PSL offers the chance to interact with your favourite celebrity just one click away. We have available slots for every artist. Grab the chance to meet and greet with your favourite celebrity and get it live on the show. You can also promote the content on your individual social media accounts. 

Grow with Us

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